Wanted: Guest Blog Posters

Why would you want to spend the time to craft a blog post for a website that isn’t even your own? To get more counseling inquiries of course!

One of the best ways to establish your credibility and stand out in your profession among a sea of other professional grief counselors is to supply what are known as “guest blog posts” to authority websites. If you’ve never supplied a guest blog post before, this will prove to be a great resource for you because we will work with you to establish the best possible guest blog post. You can use what you’ve learned in this process to offer guest posting on other websites to increase your exposure even further.

3 Criteria We Look for When Considering a Guest Blog Post for this Website:


  1. Membership – You must be a member of this website to get a live link to your profile. Outside guest posters are welcome too but we will only supply a website address in your signature line without the live link.

  2. Exclusivity – The content you submit for posting must be unique content written by you and must be exclusive to this website. Meaning, we will not accept written work that is already published on your website or elsewhere.

  3. Relevance – Your blog post(s) must be relevant to grief, grief counseling, grief therapy, coping or some other aspect that is related to these topics.


Tips for Submitting a Successful Guest Blog Post


  1. Length – 250 to 800 words.

  2. Topic – Pick a “main” keyword or phrase related to your blog posting topic and try to include it in both the headline and the first paragraph.

  3. Images and Video – Please send an image related to the topic to include with the blog post. This can be a book cover, logo, or even just a picture related to your topic. Feel free to send a video link as well if you have one. If you purchase an image from iStock or similar image bank, you must provide proof of purchase to show you have rights to use the image in your post. Our preference is if you create your own image or original photo to go along with your blog post.

  4. Blog Post Quality – Visit this link to learn specifics about how to make a good blog post. This article addresses blog post etiquette, the three most popular types of blog posts, blog post SEO and more. You will notice from the url and the title of the blog post that WordPress is mentioned a few times. That is because WordPress is the author, Marty Dickinson’s, favorite type of website. But the content of the post is relevant to you whether you have WordPress or not.

How to Submit Your Guest Blog Post

You are welcome to submit your guest blog post in its entirety to Marty@griefcounselinglocator.com or give us a brief description of your post and we will comment as to its potential for acceptance.
We will schedule your guest blog post using a combination of the FIFO method and our judgment of when the best time to publish it will be, and notify you as to when it is scheduled. Once it has been posted on our directory, you are free (and encouraged) to share it with your social networks.
Guest blog posting is one of the best ways to build your web presence. We hope you will take this opportunity to submit a guest blog post to us more than once and watch your visitation, popularity and business leads build over time.