Connecticut Elementary School Tragedy Brings Grief to Us All

Newtown CT Elementary School Shooting image of students walkingThe adminstrators of wish to express their sincere condolences to the families of the Connecticut elementary school tragedy this morning.

Our president, Marty Dickinson, went to high school not more than 40 minutes away from Newtown, CT where the event occurred and likely went to school with some of the parents that send their children to the Newtown school.

Miles away from the event here in Colorado, we mourn the senseless taking of lives in the elementary school tragedy as well as other recent happenings in our country.

The prompting of this post was as a result of a very helpful article on our local 9news station about how to talk to children about tragedy. Please take a few moments of your day and read through these high quality tips and give your kids a hug tonight and tell them you love them.

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